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    RoboHelp 8 adds extra line after table in HTML list




      I'm using RH8 and FM9 from TCS2 on Win XP Pro SP3 to create WebHelp from FrameMaker.


      When I import an FM book into my RH project I have mapped an autonumber list from FM to a custom style in RH which uses the "convert autonumber to HTML list" setting. This style also uses a customised numbering sequence.


      In one particular numbered list, there is a table between step 7 and step 8. The table has not been mapped to any RH style (it uses [Source] formatting).


      When I import this file, RH adds an extra empty paragraph after the table before the next step paragraph. This paragraph is formatted with RH's default numbering sequence (I can distinguish between the sequences in use because of the different typefaces used).


      I can manually delete this paragraph, and the numbering sequence is correct after I do so.


      Is there any way I can stop RH from adding this extra line? Would changes to the conversion settings for the table help me here, and if so, what settings would you recommend?




      David Farbey