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    Disable context menu in Adobe active X control


      Hello everybody,


      I am developing a simple PDF viewer using the Adobe active X control in an QAxWidget (QT framework). For security reasons I do not want users to be able to access the context menu, especially the item "Properties" (or what ever is "Seitenanzeige - Einstellungen" in German), as they would be able to start a windows explorer from there.


      Does anybody have an idea on how to do this?


      Attempts so far:

      - disbable toolbar

      - try to catch right mouse click events before they are propagated to the widget  -> the active X control seems to retrieve the events itself

      - place an transparent widget over the active X control receiving the events and only propagation non right-click events  -> the active x control does not

        render unless topmost



      Maybe a way would be in manipulating the messageHandler... any ideas?


      I am using Windows XP as OS.


      I will be thankful for all hints or solutions.


      Best regards