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    convert internal audio member from wav to mp3 or swa




      i have lots of audio files in wav format. they are already appear as cast members. now i need to convert them to mp3 or swa. the audio have cue points.


      1. how can i see the type file of the audio member?
      2. what i should do to convert those members to mp3 oe swa?
      3. should i export wav and then import it as mp3? if so how wxcatly?


      those members are wav, cuz in external editor i can see its wav.


      the reason i need to compress is that i need to  play it over the internet.


      im using director 11.5 in xp.


      please help


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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          If you are using cue points, then don't use MP3.  MP3s do not have cue points, so they will be removed.  In older versions of Director, there was an option to convert wav files to swa under the Xtras menu.  For some reason, that was removed from Director 11.  So, if it is a requirement that you use swa, then Have a look for an older version of Director (Dir MX 2004 or earlier) which can do the conversion.


          In D11.5, you can use the new audio mixer to convert the files to mp4.  I'm not sure if that will work for you, but it is worth a try.