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    Captivate 5 bug? FMR clips don't update mouse location


      I'm having a problem with the automatic FMR recording of and drag-and-drop in Captivate 5. The setting used is "Automatically use FMR for: Drag and Drop actions".


      The problem is as follows


      1. As part of the storyboard an item is dragged from point A to B. The video slide showing this action is correctly generated and the video shows mouse cursor moving with the drag event and reaching point B.

      2. Captivate erroneously generates an extra slide after the video slide where the drag-and-drop has already taken place but the cursor moves AGAIN from point A to B.

      Eg. the FMR video slide doesn't update the mouse cursor point from the beginning point of the clip (A) to the ending point (B) as it should.

      This works fine in Captivate 4 where the mouse cursor is in the correct point B in the slide following the video clip. Makes me wonder if Adobe tested the new release at all...

      I just upgraded to Captivate 5 and this bug makes recording more or less useless so any help is much appreciated.