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    Problem when spooling




      I desperately need some help with printing from Adobe Reader. I have an 11mb PDF file and when  I go to print it the file spools to a 105mb file which inevitably take an age to print or doesn't print at all. The printer is on a network and is an HP CM2320fxi MFP. This only happens with PDFs.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks,


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          When printing from Adobe Reader/Acrobat any problems can usually be traced back to PostScript issues.


          PostScript is essentially just the language that all printer drivers convert their files to so that the printer can create a printed page from.


          Sometimes you cannot print a page in a PDF because it cannot translate a certain font to the printer.   To get around that you can use the "print as image" option in the Reader/Acrobat  Advanced Print option in the print dialogue box.  (e.g. go to file>Print , in the window that comes up click on Advanced)


          The drawback is that the spool file for the document becomes much larger than usual.  If you have large images in the PDF file it will cause huge spool files such as what you are describing. 


          See if you have the Print as Image option checked and uncheck it.


          If you do NOT have the Print as Image option checked, then see if you can print just a page or two of the document at a time. 


          Also check the PostScript options for the printers driver as well. Not all printers have these.  See if they are set to Optimze or se

          Right click on Printer and go to Preferences on the General tab.

          On the Layout Tab go to Advanced.

          Expand the PostScript options and look for the output option.  Default is usually Optiimize for speed.  Try different settings if you have that option.


          You may try removing the printer drivers from the registry:

          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers\Version-3\

          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers\Version-3\

          Look for your printer drivers and remove them.


          Reboot.  Then re-add your printer with your non-administrator rights.