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    Problems completing Blu-ray burn in premiere elements




      We are somewhat new to Adobe Premiere Elements and having some trouble completing a burn to blu-ray.


      We have created two slideshow projects in Photoshop Elements and output them as .wmv files. We uploaded those videos into Premiere Elements. The photos contained in the slideshows are very large and this project requires about 18GB (according to the Premiere Elements "share" settings screen right before you hit "burn"). We made sure we had about 28GB of available, defragmented space. The burn took all  night, and stopped at 96% with the error message: "Not enough storage space". We still had 10GB left of the 28 we started with. With only 4% left on the burn, we don't understand why this errored out.


      We had similar issues regarding space earlier yesterday, but this was the closest we had come to the project finishing- 96%. Can someone please help?? We need to get this completed by the weekend.


      Thank you!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not sure why you're converting your slideshow to WMVs before you're importing it into Premiere Elements, but that's a very inefficient way to do it -- and it could well be why things are failing.


          Which tool are you using to create the slideshow? If you're using the Organizer's slideshow creator, there should be an option to Send to Premiere Elements.


          How large are your photos? As I say in my books, for standard video, you should ensure your photos are no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size. For hi-def, they can be as large as 2000x1500 pixels -- but this can easily overload a marginal system, so it's best to work on a hi-def slideshow in parts.


          Finally, you only have 28 gigabytes of free space available on your hard drive? I'm sorry but that's not nearly enough to work with video -- especially hi-def video. Because the program needs room to create scratch and render files, I'd recommend at least 35-50 gigabytes of free space (depending on how long your video is) and that needs to be defragmented space on a hard drive formatted to NTFS.


          Can you tell us more about your computer system? How fast is your processor, how much RAM do you have and how much free space is on your hard drive? What operating system are you using? Is there anything unusual about your system -- e.g., you're editing to a second or external hard drive?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            Unfortunately, one needs far more free space to Burn to Disc (DVD-Video, or BD), than the final size of the Project, as large working files are created. That 28GB of free space is barely enough for the program to work, and not nearly enough to create a BD Project. Also, the Windows Virtual Memory (Page File), is probably expanding to occupy a larger amount of space, that you are aware of.


            If you have the same versions of PSE and PrE, you can save the WMV step (and the HDD space required), if you just directly Send to PrE.


            How many physical HDD's do you have on your computer. What is each HDD's size, free space, speed, controller type, and how do you have them allocated? The full I/O sub-system is very important to video editing.


            Good luck,




            [Edit] I see that while I was typing, Steve was commenting, and on some of the same aspects, as I was. He's quick this AM!


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              nealeh Level 5

              28GB is nowhere near enough space for PRE because of the temporary file space it needs as it renders your output. I've had an out of space error before now with something like 60GB free (and this was for standard definition). I freed up 100GB and it worked fine (it was a good excuse for some disk space housekeeping). So your first action should be to free up as much disk space as you can (try to get to 100GB free).


              You don't mention how many hard disks you have (real disk, not partitions). Running PRE with only one physical disk will always be fraught with problems. I get away with two drives but the experts in these forums strongly recommend a minimum of three drives.


              A few questions:

              • You say the photo's are huge. How huge?
              • Are they additional photo's you are pulling into your PRE project or included in the WMV file?
              • Did you have a specific reason to save an WMV version from PSE rather than send it from PSE to PRE?


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