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    CSS design mode not visible - flash builder 4 version 4.0.1




      I have tried googling for this and end up with a lot of hints and help about  flex builder 3, but cant find anything relevant to flash builder 4

      I did find one post on this forum in which the questioner himself replied to himself, but that got me nowehere


      I am a newbie to flex and I am using Flash builder 4.0.1 standalone. When I read about using CSS in design mode, getting to that mode seems very evident in Flex Builder 3.

      However I cant find a way to get to CSS design mode in flash builder 4. If I drag and drop a halo button into the design view, I would like to edit its appearance in css design mode (which looks great in flex builder 3 and shows the various states of the button etc.). However in Flash Builder 4, I get the default view on the right hand side for setting some of the styles, which doesnt seem as comprehensive as the design mode in Flex Builder , in that it doesnt show me the various states of the button etc.


      Is there any way to get to CSS design mode?


      Thanks In Advance