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    simple script for creating bookmarks


      I have a few hundred files which I need to amend with two changes.


      1. I need the bookmark bar to show when the document is opened, which I have done. I used the batch processing sequence to show the bookmark bar when a document is opened. I processed all the documents and they now open with the bookmark bar showing. Good.


      2. I need to add a single bookmark to each document. The bookmark will be called "Index", and when clicked, it needs to open an index.pdf document, which is stored in the same folder as the hundred other PDF's.


      I have been through countless websites trying to find samples of code that I could use to create a simple bookmark. Most of the examples look complex, but I'm pretty sure I just need a few lines of code to create the bookmarks.


      When I try something simple in the Javascript console window, such as,




      I get a result of 'null' and no bookmark is created. (Forgive me, my javascript skills are non-existant)


      Can anyone help?