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    White Balance NOT Synchronizing in Bridge CS5

    GrootLensDude Level 1

      Instead of LR3 I use Bridge CS5 and the camera raw tool for my edits (it's all the same tools and runs faster.) ANyways, a strange problem i noticed recently after SEVERAL job edits.. I noticed the white balance was not the same on all my files. THIS IS A HUGE *** PROBLEM FOR ME! I tried everything but for some reason Bridge is not synchronizing the white balance, even if I just have white balance selected.. I need to have all my files the same.. I doesn NOT work in the camera raw module and it does NOT work when you right click, go to settings, copy settings and then paste settings..


      Any one else experienced this?

      I have ACR 6.1 installed

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is the WB As Shot, perhaps?  Synchronizing As Shot as your WB does exactly that, sets the WB to whatever the camera was set to, which if it is Auto WB in the camera, then the Temp/Tint values will be different for each photo.  If you want all the WB settings to be the same Temp/Tint values you must change the WB to Custom or use one of the built-in WB selections that has a constant set of Temp/Tint numbers. 


          What I usually do is modify the As Shot WB to something slightly different by changing the Tint value and then set the Tint value back to what it was if necessary, which will make it say Custom instead of As Shot, and then synchronize with this Custom value.

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            GrootLensDude Level 1

            Well I feel like a total idiot now, amateur error.. or is it overworking and not focusing too well. oh well, thanks for putting me back on path!