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    localization for uk

    djh88ukwb Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am in the process of localization for a flex 4 app.


      I have managed to do spanish, french and US all fine, but am having troubles with UK.


      US and UK times use different date formats, US have month first, UK have day first.


      However when looking the in frameworks > locale folder of my flex instalation their is no UK folder.


      How am i suppose to do this ?


      I am using a custom resorce bundle to create all the specfic key words i like.  But i cant seem to get a UK date to output.


      Can anyone help ?

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          rtalton Level 4

          In FB3, using resource bundles, you can set these properties up and then use a date formatter in the application.

          See: "Formatting dates, times, and currencies" in the help docs.


          If you need to create new framework locale files, this is more involved and you compile them using the copylocale utility.