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    Javascript error 25 on startup


      Dear Adobe Forums friends,


      I'm posting this in the InDesign Scripting section, but I have never actually done any scripting. Nevertheless, every time I open a file -- or even create a new file -- I get an error message such as the following (some of the details vary according to file). And, just to make things interesting, I'm using CS4 Japanese, so that some of the following is translated from Japanese (and the ¥ characters probably represent backslashes):


      The following is the error message for a file named Shenhui_01_Intro_a.indd:


      JavaScript error
      error number: 25
      error  line: next is important : )


      line: 1
      source: var thItem =  resolve("/document[@name=¥"

      Shenhui_01_Intro_a.indd¥"]//scripted-plugin  [@id=2988]");
      errant text: Shenhui_01_Intro_a


      [end error message]

      It looks to me like I have a plugin installed, but the @id number given is different for every file...

      Any suggestions?

      -- John M.
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          Marc Autret Level 4

          The string passed to resolve contains "//scripted-plugin  [@id=2988]", and as far as I know, InDesign "Scripted Plug-ins" is a Rorohico's concept used in APID ToolAssistant (http://www.rorohiko.com/indesignscriptedplugins.html).


          So maybe Kris Coppieters from Rorohico could help you. Its Twitter account is: http://twitter.com/zwettemaan



          Anyway the code:

            var thItem =  resolve("/document[@name=¥"Shenhui_01_Intro_a.indd¥"]//scripted-plugin  [@id=2988]");

          is really a strange thing to me!


          I think it would be better to have:

          var thItem =  resolve('/document[@name="Shenhui_01_Intro_a.indd"]//scripted-plugin[@id=2988]');




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            RorohikoKris-u5pUJw Level 2

            Hi John,


            Kris from Rorohiko here. By the looks of it, that's an error that pops out of APID ToolAssistant - but it is not originating from APID ToolAssistant. Let me explain:


            APID ToolAssistant is a utility plug-in used by script- and plug-in developers, and the error you see is what you'd see if someone created a script or plug-in that relies on APID ToolAssistant, and that script or plug-in has an error in it.


            So, my guess is that


            a) You have APID ToolAssistant installed (and as far as I can tell, an older version. From 1.0.48 onwards, that particular bit of code does not exist in APID ToolAssistant).

            b) You additionally have an .spln file installed, or a script that uses APID ToolAssistant.


            If that's the case, that .spln file or script most probably has an error, and you need to find the author of it to fix it (it might be one of our .spln files, or it might be someone else's).


            A crude way to fix this would be to simply remove APID ToolAssistant from your plug-ins folder. That'll silence the wayward script code.


            If it is one of our .spln files, please contact support@rorohiko.com with more details, so we can investigate.





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              RorohikoKris-u5pUJw Level 2

              Hi Marc,


              The code is from an older version of APID ToolAssistant. However, it is not so strange - remember, the yen-signs are actually backslashes.


              The following is legal JavaScript


              a = "This \" is in the middle of a string";



              The double quote in the middle of the string is escaped with a backslash, and this kind of code works fine.





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                Marc Autret Level 4

                Of course you're right, Kris ;-)

                I was confused by the fact that ¥ may actually represent a backslash.




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                  blindcorpse Level 1

                  Dear Marc and Kris,


                  Thank you *very* much for your speedy and helpful replies. I've eliminated the old APID ToolAssistant and plugins, and the offending message has disappeared! Wheee!


                  Naturally, I really like some of the Rorohico plugins, so I downloaded a number of the current versions and will experiment with putting them back.


                  Once again, thanks!

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                    RorohikoKris-u5pUJw Level 2

                    Hi John,


                    If you find any issues while trying with the latest version, and you can spare the time to toss us an e-mail: let us know at pluginsupport@rorohiko.com!





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                      RorohikoKris-u5pUJw Level 2

                      P.S. You should also give thanks to Harbs - he's keeping an eye on things and alerted me to this post. When I am very busy with custom development, I don't normally come and check out the forums, so without him, I'd never have known