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    Retain the selected index of a HorizontalList


      I have a horizontalList that gets populated with a data provider. My page refreshes ever after certain interval of 30, 60 secs.


      Say I have 5 item in the list. So when I select an item in the list at index 3, its item is highlighted with a different color. Now When the page refreshes in 30 secs, I loose the highlight. How do I retain the highlight color on refresh so that I know which item I was viewing.


      I throw an event everytime the page refreshes and I store the selected index on my model. But I could not set the property of the selected item as highlighted or selected.

      here is the code how i am setting it up.


      private function handleAppRefreshed(event:Event): void {

      trace("Index: " + model.selectedHLIndex);

      hlist.selectedIndex = model.selectedHLIndex; // where hlist is the horizontalList



      Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.