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    Odd Accordion Behaviour


      I have a dynamically populated accordion in my application, and I'm experiencing some very unusual behavior.


      Background: I have a User object, and this object contains an array of lecture object.  For each lecture, I add a box to my accordion, and the box contains information about the lecture, along with a Play and Stop button.


      The problem is when I select any item other than the first one.  I select the item, and the accordion expands properly.  When I press the PLAY button, the recorded lecture plays (in an iFrame), but then the accordion moves to have the first one (selectedIndex = 0) selected!  It does this every time, and I cannot find out what the problem is.


      Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?  I have included the main parts of code below.


      Thanks in advance.




      My accordion:

      <mx:Accordion id="accLectList" height="100%" width="100%" change="setCurrLect()" ></mx:Accordion>



      for (var c:Number=0; c<event.result.length; c++)
              positionCounter = 0;
              var currLecture:LectureRecordings = new LectureRecordings;
              currLecture.initialize(theRSSFeed, event.result[c].Duration, startDate, event.result[c].Location, event.result[c].InstructorDisplayName,
                      event.result[c].lectureTitle, event.result[c].captureID, event.result[c].lectureDisplayTitle, event.result[c].sequenceID,
                      event.result[c].Instructor, event.result[c].description, event.result[c].lectureID, event.result[c].available);
              var vbInfoBox:VBox = new VBox();
              vbInfoBox.label = currLecture.getRecordingTitle;
              vbInfoBox.styleName = "lightGreyBg";
              vbInfoBox.percentWidth = 100;
              vbInfoBox.percentHeight = 100;
              vbInfoBox.name = currLecture.getLectureListID.toString()
              vbInfoBox.id = "lectBox"+lectureCounter.toString();
              var hBtnBox:HBox = new HBox();
              var recLink:Button = new Button();
              recLink.name = currLecture.getLectureListID.toString();
              recLink.label = "Play";
              //recLink.data = lectureCounter.toString();
              recLink.data = currLecture.getLectureListID.toString();
              recLink.id = currLecture.getLectureURL;
              //Stop Button
              var recStop:Button = new Button();
              recStop.name = currLecture.getLectureListID.toString();
              recStop.id = "";
              recStop.label = "Stop";

      Play function:

      public function startRecording(event:MouseEvent):void


          var recBtn:Button = event.currentTarget as Button;
            var link:String = recBtn.id.toString();
          intIFrame.source = link;
          intIFrame.visible = true;