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    trouble using AAE cs4

    nero1994 Level 1

      hi everyone

      i need help for using adobe after effects cs4 because it doesn't seem to work correctly

      when i try to import video, some of flv that i download it form youtube works and i know that it can't use vob file so i converted it with total video converter hd . it wors but that is no sound when i play it. when i press previsulisation ram bettom, a green barre apears and stops at 15 second of the video. it's the only part that i have sound. and the part that i don't hear the sound (after about 15 s) the video move slowly with out sound.  . and when i import mp3, there's  no sound when i play it even if i put it in the composition. i tried adobe encoder, it didn't change any thing. the same thing hapen with every time import some thing (avi - mov - mpg- mp4-mp3..)

      i have vista computer with 3Go RAM, 358mo grafhic card, 2.00ghz , 32 bit system type.

      i bought it yesterday i installed it correctly i use the serial numeber. every thing works fine except the problem that motioned before.

      what should i do? PLEASE

      (sorry if i maked mistakes i am not realy good in enlish)

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Read this and this.

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            nero1994 Level 1

            i didn't realy work but i can hear audio for 30s now

            is there a way to play all the audio (i mean 3-4 minute) with out been stoped.

            i want to try to do amv and i am used to movie maker but now with this.

            i watched some videos in youtube to lern how to use it and thaey didn't seam to have this problem.

            beside with 3GO ram it's good . it should work no?

            please i realy need help.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              The pages that Michael pointed you to answer your question.


              If you want to preview audio and video, you use RAM preview.


              RAM preview plays the number of frames that it can fit into a reserved set of memory (the RAM cache). If you want to play more frames, you can do some of the things suggested on the pages that Michael pointed you to to reduce the amount of RAM used by each frame (but these reduce the image quality).


              This was greatly improved in After Effects CS5, since the RAM cache can be almost as large as all of the RAM that you have in your computer. For example, on my computer with After Effects CS5, I can watch a couple of minutes of high-definition video in a RAM preview.


              BTW, 3GB is very little RAM for working with After Effects. I have 24GB in my computer at home, 12GB in my computer at work. One of my coworkers has 96GB. I have 4GB in my laptop. More RAM is better.

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                nero1994 Level 1

                sorry guys but here in algeria when you say 3 go ram thay say wow i did buy it.

                it's like triple the price here

                so any effect like intro or animation i'm gonna work with efter effects

                and to combine it with sound i'm gonna use premiere pro.

                thank you anyway