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    Is having a conditional Page possible?

    SBaziak Level 1

      I'm re-creating an old Word-based, single-page form with LiveCycle and I've decided I want to try to add a neat function that will show/hide a conditional page.


      My goal is to have two controls in place to figure out when to show/hide the second page.


      Basically there's a text field that I want users to be able to enter as much information as they want into it.


      If the user's input exceeds the visible range of the field, I want to use Javascript to show the second page, copy the field text into a larger version of the field on page 2, and replace the initial user text with a "See Page 2" type of auto-text.


      I'm also going to tie the ability to hide/show to a checkbox to allow the user to voluntarily change the state of the second page (tho I'll probably restrict this function if page 2 data exists)


      I can figure out the Javascript for everything except for the hide/show 2nd page stuff.


      I don't think I can set the presence of a page to invisible.


      Is this possible to do? If not, are there any alternate ideas you would suggest?


      Thanks for your help.