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    How to scale down size (kb) of a swf file?

    mixmastermichael Level 1

      Hi there,


      quick question that I'm stumped on.  I'm making a flash banner advertisement to go on a few websites.  The guidlines I was given say to adhere to 40kb each.


      The only trouble is that the client gave me a 250 kb.swf file that he wanted to be included in the files, so I've imported it as a movie clip, and sized it down (pixel wise) to the appropriate dimensions.  The end results end up being about 260kb each.


      Is there a way to dramatically optimize a .swf file?  40 kb seems pretty unreasonable for a 300 x 250 flash ad.  Typically when I do these, they come out to about 100+ kb.


      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


      Is there a way to perhaps optimize the symbols so that they take up less space?