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    eLearning Content launch_data and bookmarking


      I have been tasked by a client to convert a number of eLearning courses for operation in Adobe Connect Pro.  The courses were originally built for the Pathlore 6.7 LMS using SCORM 1.2 standards.  The courses make extensive use of the cmi.core.launch_data SCORM element and the cmi.core.lesson_location SCORM element for bookmarking.  I have read Andrew Chemey's article for using SCORM content in Connect Pro and applied the SCORMtoConnect prototype.  I have not found anywhere to pre-populate cmi.core.launch_data in Connect Pro.


      1. How/where does cmi.core.launch_data go in Connect?


      I put together a test piece hard-coding what I normally would get from launch_data and set up the content in a trial version of Connect Pro.  Partially went through the course, exited and re-entered using the continue button and was taken to the first page of content instead of where I exited it from.


      2. How/where does Connect Pro store cmi.core.lesson_location data?  The content is set up to store to/retrieve from this SCORM data element.


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      Raymond Sugel Sr

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