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    how to pass variables between loaders

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      I am trying to load an image, with descriptive text and a back button on the click of a thumbnail of the image. I am using a MovieClipLoader instance to do this.


      Here are my problems:


      1. I tried loading the image, with the text(which is within an external swf), using the same loader, but since I am placing them dynamically, depending on the dimensions of the image, I need to pass variables between the two. The image loader is taking longer than the text (obviously) but I need the dimensions of the image before I can place the text. How do I do that??


      2. I tried using two loaders, with separate listeners, and the problem once again is that the text loads before the image, and is hence placed with default values instead of the values derived from the image. The code is within onLoadInit(). Is it possible for me to get the dimensions of the image from onLoadStart()???


      3. There is a back button within the text.swf. I want the image and the text.swf to be unloaded when this button is clicked. How can I achieve that? Can I call loader.unloadClip(target), from within this? Will it recognize the variable?


      4. Is there a much easier way to do this, which I am sadly unaware of?


      Any help will be appreciated.