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    General Error in Encore (Preview & Build)

    Gammelman Level 1



      after looking through the forum, I can see a trail of previous discussions on the "General Error" issue with Encore, but none of the offered solutions seems to apply in my case, so here's another post on the topic;


      I'm doing some *very* simple editing in PP CS4 (avi input), and exporting to Encore CS4 to make a DVD.

           - 1:16 hours avi file, 17 encore chapter markers, a template menu (entertainment) with one layer edited, 2 submenus

           - simple navigation between the main menu and submenus


      The first preview works fine, but trying a second preview throws a "General Error".


      Trying to build a DVD image gives a "General Error" halfway through.



      Any suggestions/advice?



      - OS Win 7 64 bit Ultimate

      - 2 x Intel Xenon W5580 (3,2Ghz)

      - 24 GB DDR3 RAM @ 1333 Mhz

      - OS & applications on 1 TB SATA HDD 7200 rpm (830 GB free)

      - video editing storage on 2x1 TB SATA HDD (Perc 6i RAID 0 striped)  7200 rpm (400 GB free)

      - general storage 4 TB SATA non-Raid 7200 rpm (2,2 TB free)

      - 16xDVD R/W + 6xBluray R/W

      - Video 1 GB ATI Firepro 8700

      - Audio Soundblaster Xfi titanium