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    preferences needed to import a high resolution avi file NOT HD

    saraysounds Level 1

      Hi i have recently brought premiere elements and im not sure about the preferences.  I have an AVI high resolution file (not HD, or at least i dont think so) of 15 gb (1 hour 15 mins of film) which was taken off a dvcam tape.  I just want to edit it in elements, but i dont know what preferences to use ?  Pal standard was used and in the preview and exported AVI pal standard file was awful quality when the quality is really good.  I phoned adobe help line but didnt get any answers.  They said to start a new project and to use the AVCHD 1080  25 frames ... setting.  They said it could be used for high res videos as well as HD.  Is this correct?  I just want to simply edit a high resolution video and export it without loosing the quality, does anyone know the preferences/settings i should use?



      Any advice would be appreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The first thing that I would do is to run the file through the great, free utility, G-SPOT, and gather all the details on that file. If you need some help, then please post a screen-cap of G-Spot with that file open, and others will help you determine the Project Preset to use. You want to match the Project Preset to your source footage 100%.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Looks like you have SD DV-AVI Type II PAL footage there. I would choose the DV PAL Preset, though would choose the 48KHz 16-bit Audio, and let PrE Conform your 32KHz to match, as the 48KHz is the DVD spec. That should not be a big deal for PrE, but do let the Conforming complete (small blue progress bar in the lower-right of the GUI). Should only take a few moments, but be patient.


            Happy editing,



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              A.T. Romano Level 7





              Just to be sure, does the screenshot that you posted represent the AVI that you imported into Premiere Elements or does it represent the export of your Timeline’s edited AVI? I am pressing this point since your screenshot shot shows a video PAL DV AVI (Standard 4:3) which has a frame size of 720 x 576 pixels at 25 frames per second, and you refer to your AVI source as AVI high resolution. In my experience, high resolution is used to represent AVCHD and HDV, not SD (standard or widescreen). I suspect that might have confused Adobe since I cannot think of any reason why it would recommended you setting an AVCHD 1920 x 1080 project preset for SD 720 x 576 video.




              As you and Hunt have discussed, the Premiere Elements project preset should be set to match the properties of the video being imported. If that screenshot represents your import, then your project preset (new project dialog) should be PAL DV Standard. And, if you want to keep the same format after the Timeline edit, your export should be Share/Personal Computer/AVI with a preset of PAL DV Standard whose description includes the frame size of 720 x 576 and frame rate 25 frames per second.




              If you are saying that you are doing that and seeing an unacceptable video, then we need to go deeper into this matter.


              a. What do you mean by awful export video quality…blurry, pixilated, jerky, or other? Although I do not understand the whys behind it, there are scattered reports, when all else has failed, that a complete and clean uninstall/reinstall of Premiere Elements has corrected that problem.


              b. When you import your DV AVI to the Premiere Elements, is there a red line over the Timeline and does the video look OK or not in the Edit Mode Monitor at that time? If it does not look OK there, what happens if you render the Timeline by pressing the Enter Key of the computer main keyboard? Does the video quality in the monitor increase?


              c. Are you bringing the whole video (all 15 GB, 1 hour and 15 minutes) into the project at one time? What do your computer resources look like…available RAM and free hard drive space? If need be, there is a way to work with a large project in smaller segments. We can go into that later if necessary.



              Hope that your next report is that none of the latter portion of this post is necessary and that all is resolved. Looking forward to your follow up.



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                saraysounds Level 1

                thank you both for your advice.  The screen shot is definately the imported video not the exported video and it definately is a pal standard format.  It was my mistake thinking it was high resolution.  I tried exporting the file the other day after rendering the timeline and it worked.  It was very flickery, so i removed that via the field options.  I tried to export it an mpeg file as the AVI exported file was very large, but the video played back without audio and too jittery.  I have since tried to export 4.30 minutes of the video to an AVI file but the program crashes every time i do so and the only time i was successful in exporting something, it exported 1.09 minutes of nothing (black screen after 4.30 mins) instead of the 4.30 minutes video.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up information.


                  With regard to your MPEG export, what MPEG preset and settings under the preset's Advanced Button did you use in that Share/Personal Computer/MPEG route? Was it PAL DVD Standard or other and was the setting under the Advanced Button/Audio Tab = Dolby Digital, MPEG, or PCM? What did you use for playback of that video?


                  With regard to the export of the smaller AVI videos, take a good look at your computer resources at the present time (available RAM and free hard drive space). If you are working from only the Local C drive, the Premiere Elements scratch files (preview files from rendering the Timeline, etc) may grabbed a significant amount of your hard drive space. See Adobe Folder (default location My Documents) and see what is in those folders in the Adobe Folder, especially Preview Folder and Media Cache Folder. If you are not now, can you work with an external hard drive (format NTFS, not FAT32) for storage of video files and a place to which to direct the Premiere Elements scratch files?


                  Have you tried the Share/Personal Computer/Windows Media route, preset Cable Modem DSL, and with the settings under the Advanced Button set for your 720 x 576 export? In Premiere Elements, you need to scroll down to Windows Media in Share/Personal Computer in order to find it.



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                    saraysounds Level 1

                    Hi, yes i did use the personal computer - Mpeg Route, Pal-Dvd Standard preset.   i think i have also tried every combination possible for the video export and tried all audio formats.  I ran it in VLN and windows media player.   I even exported it out as a avi file which worked and then imported that back in and tried exporting out in Mpeg format.  It just stays on the first 1 second of image in the video and the rest is black.  I did try the windows media export option but the file was very small and really bad quality.  Im working on my C drive and have lots of space left on the drive + memory ram.  Ive looked in the preview adobe folders and its full of the rendered files.  Ive also tried doing it from an external hard drive but have had the same result.