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    My flash will not play on my clients computer

    dweinin Level 1

      I have created a flv and uploaded it to the clients website.


      If I hop online and look at it the files plays fine.  If I look at it from my wife's computer it plays fine.  I even called up 3 or 4 friends and it plays great for all of them.  They are various computers and various internet connections.  It plays fine for everyone BUT my client.


      Located here




      Video was encoded using the following parameters using Adobe Media Encoder.


      Codec: On2VP6

      Size is... 640 x 420ish

      Kbps = 768



      The .flv and .swf and html file are located all within the same folder on the webpage.


      Total file size is about 3-4MBs.


      It's housed on a GoDaddy server.


      MY ISP is AT&T Uverse.


      The file was created at a studio, given to me as a QT movie. I converted it to flash published it in Adobe FLash CS4 and use Adobe GoLive to put on the web and maintain their website. I've never had any issues like this before.


      My client is on AT&T Uverse

      Mac, Safari using a wireless connection to connect to a Uverse router.


      The video on the link listed above will not play on his computer.

      I had him clear out his cache which he said he did.


      He can play video from other pages within the website but not this one particular video


      I am stumped and have been searching online forever looking for a solution. 


      Does anyone have any ideas?