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    FLV file not ending with .flv


      I am a good coder when it come to AS and a few other scripting languages. I have recently come across an issue and also came up with a work around for the issue. However I am trying to find out if my solution is a legitimate solution or if it is a kludge that will be fixed in a security update down the road. If it is a kludge I would like to know how to fix the issue I have at hand.


      My issue is I have flv files on limelight being secured by media vault. So to access the flv file the file path looks like this http://SOMELIMELIGHTURL/secure_folder/myfile.flv?h=MYKEY


      I cannot give the actual link do to security purposes but the path to the file dose not end in .flv but with get variables attached to the end to provide the login type access to the file. It seems like the flash player whether using the MediaDisplay component or doing a video embed flash wants a .flv at the end of the filename


      My fix was to add &junk=.flv so the file path looks like http://SOMELIMELIGHTURL/secure_folder/myfile.flv?h=MYKEY&junk=.flv


      So, this actually works It fools flash info thinking this myfile.flv?h=MYKEY&junk=.flv is a flv file with a really strange filename. Is this a valid solution or not and if not what is a better one?