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    PPBM5 is alive and waiting for you to test your CS5 system

    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

      Well thanks to much work by Harm Millaard and a good number of beta testers from around the world we have gone live on the PPBM5.com site.  You will find it quite different from past versions with real different types of footage.  The actual footage used consists of AVCHD 1080i 29.97, XDCAM-EX 1920i 25, HDV 1080i 25 and DV PAL material mixed in a single sequence, heavily loaded with effects and keyframes, with up to 4 tracks in use.  As such you now will have a 122 MB download.  To the Rendering of the Timeline, encoding to MPEG2-DVD and encoding to AVI we have added encoding to H.264 BR.  Becuase of the changes please read the instructions carefully.  With this version all files should be in the same folder on your project disk. There are 20 results posted.