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    Move Tool > Show Transform Controls checkbox


      I'd love to be able to assign a key command to toggle this checkbox on or off. I often use a custom shortcut to turn layer edges on or off, but layer edges don't always render finely enough to see little details, or aren't what I want to do.


      I know that cmd+T is the normal shortcut for free transform, but then that changes the focus of the tool from the move tool and makes one commit a check or x in the options bar. I remap cmd+T to transform selection anyway, because its more useful to me.


      Anyhow, the point is, I'd love to be able to assign keys to check boxes in the Options Bar. There are so many instances of them, I'm sure I could think of other useful ones (Auto-Select Layer | Group) is another great candidate.




      On the topic of the commit or decline when it comes to transforms or text edits, etc, Why put the control way up in the Options Bar, or force us to move a hand off the mouse to hit Return or Escape? Pixelmator has a great UI solution: just put the commit buttons attached to the bounding box, or whatever on the canvas, contextually, rather than way far away in the Options Bar.