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    Missing all title designer templates

    Nelson Cardoso Level 1

      Hi, our IT guys installed the master collection on my machine and I went to use title designer in premiere and there are no presets there?  Where can I go get these?  Do I need to re-install premiere?  if those are missing, will there be other things missing?  I haven't used any versions since 1.5 pro so I'm not sure what to look for on CS5.


      Thanks a million.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          That additional Functional Content should be installed along with the program. If your IT person installed from media, it is likely that they did not install that extra material. Seems that there is about 13GB of additional content, and that will be both for PrPro and Encore. Total size might well be slightly up, or maybe down, with CS5. From media, one should be able to just stick the disc in, and choose to install the Functional Content.


          If installed from a download, it is likely that the second file, the Functional Content, was not Extracted, or installed. For this, one might need to download that second file, Extract it, and then install it.


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