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    Adobe Air App in First Lady Michelle Obama's "Apps for Healthy Kis" Contest


      bp-logo-square.jpgBreak pal - Fitness at Your Desk (http://www.breakpal.com).  An online workplace wellness application built using Adobe Air and Drupal has been accepted into First Lady Michelle Obama's " Apps for  healthy kids competition.

      The competition is to inspire application developers to develop  utilities or games which inspire kids and adults to eat healthier and  develop better exercise habits. Break Pal does both by reminding users  to exercise at intervals and then delivers office safe micro-workouts  right to the desktop.


      Exercises are mostly Qigong, cardio kung fu, and yoga based.


      Social networking aspects are also used to create accountability.


      If the application wins it will be heavily promoted by the whitehouse  and very likely will end up being used by millions of school children,  businesses, and individuals to help them stay healthy and eat right. A good push for good health and adobe air


      Please help this adobe air app win the competition by voting for it at

      you'll need to register prior to voting at

      Your vote and anything you can do to promote voting is very appreciated

      Thank You!!!