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    Consuming Exigo Webservices

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      I am working with a company named Exigo. They have posted their webservices API publicly at http://api.exigo.com/3.0/ since you need proper  credentials (which I have, of course) in order to actually use it.


      If you go there, let's say to the GetCustomers area (http://api.exigo.com/3.0/ExigoApi.asmx?op=GetCustomers) you will see that they give multiple methods for using their web services.  I know that my credentials and test works because I can manually do their CSV method.


      I cannot get ColdFusion to work with a CFINVOKE command, however:



      <CFINVOKE webservice="http://api.exigo.com/3.0/ExigoApi.asmx?WSDL" username="yourLoginName" password="yourPassword"

      company="yourCompany" method="GetCustomers" CustomerID="123" returnvariable="adzCustInfo" />


      I get the message "Web service operation GetCustomers with parameters  {COMPANY={yourCompany},CUSTOMERID={123}} cannot be found." even though I have tested and know that it does exist (of course I am using real values, not the example ones shown here).



      Now, the main IT guy told me that I need to reference this:


      //Create Main API Context Object

          ExigoApi api = new ExigoApi();


          //Create Authentication Header

          ApiAuthentication auth = new ApiAuthentication();





      every time I call their service.



      How do I do this?  How do I get the credentials so that I can call the service?  It seems to me the "new ExigoApi()" is going to be looking for a local reference, but this system is located on a remote server, so I'm not sure how to do that.


      Any help would be most appreciated.


      Thank youi!



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