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    Import sequence files from 29.976 to 23.976....HELP!

    lou4uandme Level 1

      Hi All,

      Can someone help me with this very annoying issue.

      I work with Nuke X, Assimilate Scratch and  Maya.  99% of the time I am transfering image sequence files from program to program.

      When I import a sequence file into premiere cs5 or even cs4, the sequence comes in with a DEFAULT FRAME RATE of 29.976.

      I work in 24 or 23.976 frame projects. I ALWAYS have to go Rick click/Modify/ interpret footage and change to 23.976.


      Is there a way to set up cs5 to assume 23.976  as a default frame rate for image sequences?


      Also, Part two question:

      I bought a video card that uses the MPE in cs5 and it works great. I could layer the heck out of the timelime.

      But Only if the footage is from RED, Canon, quicktime, mpeg, etc.. If I  import my image sequence files, I DO NOT get fluid playback.


      Does anyone out there get fluid playback from targas, DPX, Tiffs?