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    ipod support


      Hi, has anybody managed to publish anything to an iphone or ipod touch?


      i enrolled for their programme thinking the adobe software would be ok to create some content, only i can get a certificate because i dont have a mac and i cant find another way of generating the certificate


      can anyone point me in the righr direction or provide some help





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          Andrei1 Level 6

          It isn't allowed by Apple to compile iThings apps with Flash. Lawsuit pending.

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            funkysoul Level 4

            I've created a few apps for clients of ours for the iPhone and iPod touch, due to Apples

            change of TOS, you are not allowed to submit apps built with any other tools rather then their own. Which leaves a bit of room to do a few things.


            a) you can create your app, and if it's only being used for internal needs or for a promotion where you are in control of the devices, you can get a certificate and deploy them to those devices (provisioning profile runs out after 3-4 months) but it works.


            b) create your app and submit, the worst thing that can happen is apple declining it.


            c) create your app for Android devices ( probably higher impact, you should be aware that iPhone is not really the market leader in matter of smartphone spread)


            To your question regarding how to do it: There is a topic in the Flash help system directed to the iPhone packager, including how to get a certificate, generation which files you need, basically a very good tutorial which explains every step needed.


            Scroll all the way down here: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/packagerforiphone/ and download the dev guide


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