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    The 24 Effect

    Eirehotspur Level 1

      I have just got my system for CS5 Master Collection having upgraded from CS3 Master Collection and wanted to go back to this effect.


      Maybe this applies to AE either.


      It is no problem to do masks for the different pips but I was wondering -


      Lets say I had a 3 windows for 3 different shots, A, B and C

      Is there a way instead of manually playing around with moving to assign something like 3 variables, one each to the 3 windows and  3 variables, one each to the 3 camera shots and switch the different cameras to the different windows?


      This would be easier to do than having to razor each shot and move them around and resize every shot.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If I follow what you wish to do, you can quickly eliminate doing much of the manual work, regarding Position and Scale of your PiP's, if you use an alignment grid. I make these in PS, and just use them as an overlay, to allow me to quickly size and position the PiP's. Here is a look at a simple one:



          For a 3x PiP, I would create a grid to include each of those, and maybe even name them (alignment grid will be removed before Export), to keep things simple.


          If you want something else, please correct me, and we can try again.


          Good luck,



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            shooternz Level 6
            It is no problem to do masks for the different pips but I was wondering



            It is not necessary to use "masks" for PIP ( of course you can incorporate masks should you choose to though)


            For what you are trying to do ( and I am guessing a bit on that) :


            I would create one PIP (using Motion controls and key frames etc)


            I would then duplicate the sequence  and copy the Motion Controls to the new clips that you want to replace the originals with.


            BTW: I cant see why you would use the RAZOR TOOL in any part of this process.  Work from the Source Window instead of a huge file on the timeline.

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              Eirehotspur Level 1

              Bill & Shooter...thanks for taking the time to reply.


              It was very late here when I posted that last night so I wasn't thinking clearly.

              Your right, I don't need masks for PIPs.


              I want to do this effect for a realtivs weddinge because he loves the TV Show 24.


              The 24 effect is PIPs and I will use photos from the show as an example.


              Lets say I had 3 timelines dealing with Jack Bauer, Agents working in the field and The Office

              Timeline A follows Jack Bauer.

              Timeline B follows the Agents in the field.

              Camera C follows the Office.


              To do a split screen 24 effect:

              For Shot A I use 1 Portrait shot left and 2 Landscape shots right.

              For Shot B I use 2 Landscape Shots and 1 Portrait shot right.


              They would not be mirror shots....windows probably would be different dimensions.


              How I do that is razor at the point I want the shots jump to different winows and resize each of the timeline cuts to the different window sizes and reposition.


              If I kept switching window sizes and positions it would invlove a lot of work....I just wanted to know if there was a programming technique to assign a variable to a timeline to switch timelines to different window setups.



              Hope this explains it.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Unless a Preset has been added to CS5, there is no way, that I can think of. With PrElements, one gets maybe a half-dozen PiP Presets. They are somewhat limited, as they are the most common PiP configurations. However, even if I am using that program to edit, I do not even bother with those Presets, and just do things manually, like I do in PrPro. I will admit that I am seldom faced with the multiple changes, that you have, but I just sit down with my grids (often created just for a Project), and get to work. When doing this matrix setup, I actually use the Bounding Boxes for the Clips (click on the Effect's name in the Effects Control Panel to access the Bounding Boxes), and size as needed to match up to the grid. Normally, I use the coordinate input boxes, but with the grid, I can move and size things pretty closely.


                Hope that others have a way to get a bit more automation into your workflow, but I am unaware of such.


                Good luck,



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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I would make several 24 effect windows in the titler, set them each in their own sequence.

                  Resize the footage, maybe crop a little.

                  Put them together in one Master Track as nested squences.