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    Windows 7, air installation failure.


      I am continually having problems with the installation of Adobe AIR. As far as I know the only application I use AIR with is BBC iPlayer which I like to use extensively however at the moment I am unable to do so.

      The following is my system settings:

      Windows Unltimate 7

      HP Pavillion

      Processor - AMD Turion 64 x 2

      4 GB RAM

      32 bit OS.


      A couple of weeks ago the seystem had problems downloading the upgrade to Flash Player. To enable that to happen I was forced to remove AIR and BBC iPlayer which I have been unable to install since. No matter what variant of download and install I follow;

      1) direct from BBC, as joint download,

      2) download AIR alone and then download BBC iPlayer

      3) download AIR alone, followed by alternative application

      the outcome is the same.


      The install log found at C:\Users\name\appdata\local\adoe\air\logs indicates a successful install but as soon as I attempt to install an Air application or opne one - BBC iplayer - that is resident on the PC I get the following repeated pop-up error message:


      'something went wrongh trying to install this application. Please install the latest version of Adobe AIR from http://www.adobe.com/gp/getair. and try again.


      I have done so repeatedly - possibly 20 times, between each attempt I have removed the applications by uninstallting them as per the guidnace offered. I have even run clean up to the registry using Reg Cure and Reg Booster. I have switched off my firewall and virus checkers but still no successful install,


      Can anyone help? The adobe support doesn't give any advice that I have followed that results in any better outcome. This is very frustrating and annoying.

      Thanks in advance.