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    Phenom X6 1055t/ GT 240 build for CS5?

    Happy Sophomore

      I am building a PC for CS5 video editing as a strong hobby/sidejob.


      Putting aside all the other standard parts of a PC, would a AMD Phenom X6 1055t (2.8 ghz) with a Gigabyte nVidia GT 240 1GB perform well enough in Premiere Pro to get me started?

      I figured the GT 240 would be able to utilize MPE enough to help the processor a little and that a six-core, although AMD, would be great for editing.


      I understand Intel is the "way to go", but I like the idea of a more affordable six-core that will probably be more upgradeable, especially when Bulldozer comes out. That is unless there are strong incompatibility reasons not to go with AMD for a CS5 build.


      Feedback appreciated.