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    connect dispatchevent between two swf's??

    aditi_bk Level 1

      One single swf, imgdesc.swf is being loaded into the emptymcholder, by the moviecliploader instance.


      My order is


      folioholdermc ---holds--> emptymcholder --holds--> imgdesc.swf


      Within folioholdermc, I disabled buttons and lowered opacity, once imgdesc.swf was loaded, using onloadInit()


      Now  in the button inside imgdesc.swf. I called, this.unloadMovie(), which  successfully unloads the file, but I am still inside emptymcholder,  though I actually want to go back into folioholdermc.


      I  am trying out the use of Eventlistener to check for unloadMovie. But my  problem is can I place this within folioholdermc, within the  onloadInit() or maybe within the on(press) function which actually calls  the loader in the first place?? I need to enable the buttons within  folioholdermc, and increase opacity, once the imgdesc.swf is unloaded.


      Within the onLoadInit() in folioholdermc I added




               function endClip() {
                  trace("end");    //plan to insert code to enable buttons and increase opacity here


      and in the imgdesc.swf within the back button


          this.dispatchEvent({target:this, type:"end"});
          trace("event dispatched");


      how do I connect the two?? This is not working, as the endClip function is not being called. What am I doing wrong???

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          aditi_bk Level 1

          Ok I figured it out. First mistake was that the code for dispatchevent was incomplete and placed in the wrong place, the first frame of the imgdesc.swf. The first frame of imgdesc.swf is apparently loaded before the onloadInit(), sending out an event which no one is listening to.


          So this is what I did within imgdesc.swf


          First Frame:


          import mx.events.EventDispatcher;

          EventDispatcher.initialize( this

          Then within the on(press) of the back button I inserted a gotoAndStop(2);

          Second Frame:

          this.dispatchEvent({type:"end", target: this});

          trace("Child dispatching: end");


          Now in the onloadInit within the parent swf I wrote

          _mc.addEventListener("end", endClip);
                  function endClip() {
                      i = 1;

                      while (i<=30) {
                      _root.folioholdermc["img"+i]._alpha = 100;
                      _root.folioholdermc["img"+i].enabled = true;


          Worked perfectly!! Hope this helps someone else who is stuck.