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    Record Online Video


      We're trying to record online videos at a website. The video records properly but we can't figure out to record the audio, which is what we really need. Any thoughts?

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          Hi Robert, what I've done in the past is connect a 3.5mm Male/Male Stereo Audio Cable (I bought mine from Radio Shack) from my microphone port to my speaker port. Captivate should capture the audio now or you could also use the windows recording tool (usually in the Accessories folder). Hope that helps.

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            rtbtat Level 1
            Hello Dan:

            I thought of trying that after I posted the message. Your suggestion confirms I wasn't crazy so I'm going to give it a try. I work for a government agency and we need to record online video of scam artists trying to rip off people so this is pretty important. Without the audio, we can't go to court and prove our case.