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    Properties of text in title pages - not showing true values

    txbonfire Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      When I open a title page in Premiere Pro CS5 and then select the text, the following text properties in question are as follows:

      X Position = 100

      Y Position = 100

      Width = 100

      Height = 100


      When I use the selection tool to select an area outside of the text box then select the text box again, the above-mentioned text properties show their "true values."  For instance, the above-mentioned text properties for a specific text box will change to:

      X Position = 437

      Y Positoin = 134.6

      Width = 401

      Height = 170


      Can someone please explain why this occurs?  In Premiere Pro CS2, when I selected a text box within a title page, all of the true values were displayed immediately.


      Thanks so much,