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    Converted Symbol can't be Pasted into Keyframe: Motion Tweening


      I have two files one is called tween_start.fla and the other is called tween_end.fla I am trying to create a motion tween where the animation begins at tween_start.fla and ends at tween_end.fla Each file consists of 7 shapes (it's a tangram if you're curious). At frame 10 of the tween_start.fla timeline I right-click on each layer and do Insert Blank Keyframe. Then I go to tween_end.fla click on a shape and do Modify>Convert to Symbol. Then I go back to the timeline for tween_start.fla, right-click on frame 10 and do Paste Frames or Insert Keyframe. If I do Paste Frames with all of the symbols I've created in tween_end.fla then the shapes end up stacked on top of each other. If I do Insert Keyframe it doesn't insert the symbol I've just created, instead it just keeps the same shapes that were at the first frame of tweet_start.fla. So how do I insert the symbols from tween_end.fla into the tenth frame of tweet_start.fla and then execute a motion tween between the frames?