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    PLease Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Hi all I really need your to understand how most of you are connecting to an External monitor to CC or grade you video.

      I am not at all by your standard as expert on this subject or a savvy one. that is why I am seeking your help.

      My system I7930 12 GB ram using the GTX285 card connected to samsung 40" screen


      I have used the matrox for years that I never needed this and now I have upgraded to CS5 it is impossible for me to figure out what is the best way and i am not looking for high budget product up to $850 is fine.

      Two camera HDV and AVCHD looking at GH1 or May wait till GH2 comes out


      • Have any one tested the Matrox mini? is so please would share you finding as I am running away from the Rtx2 and CS4 (nothing but headache)
      • is there any solution that allows you to use you native codec from the cam or you have to use their codec?


      • If you share how are you connecting will be much apprecited.