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    Importing Photoshop 3D in After Effects

    ManndarrPat Level 1



      I am experiment in photoshop and i discovered a REPOUSSE option in 3D menu which allows me to convert a text layer into 3D.


      And then I saved that file as PSD and tried to open it in After Effects as a 3D text for my animation,


      But it did not work.


      So Can I export 3D converted text layers into After Effects for 3D? or do i need XARA 3D

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          If you want us to help, you have to tell us more than "it did not work".


          What, exactly, did you do, step by step? What, exactly, happened?


          There's a link to a tutorial here:

          "Repousse in After Effects CS5"


          Try following the steps there.

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            ManndarrPat Level 1

            Thank you for providing very helpful information regarding photoshop Repousse 3D

            Sorry for insufficient information provided by me, from next time i'll discuss whole thing in detail.


            I am interested in achieving text explosion effect using  SIMULATION>shatter, as text explode with material.

            I understand that the SIMULATION>shatter effect is 2D, is there any way to achieve same effect?

            The steps are as follows :


            1) I turn on the text layer in 3D,

            2)  edit that layer in Repousse

            3) then in the 3D window, in the quality filter I applied Ray Traced Final

            4) and then saved it as a .psd

            5) after that I opened the said psd in AE, as a composition

            6) in the said comp I got 4 layers, 1) BG, 2) TEXT, 3) Text Controller, 4) Camera

            7) then i applied SHATTER effect, on the TEXT layer

            8) as effect applied I previewed it, but text broken in 2D, (as SHATTER effects is not a 3D)

            9) I don't have any 3D software to create material so can you please tell me shall I achieve the same effects using ADOBE SOFTWARES????


            THANK YOU

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              It's not possible, unfortunately. You may be able to fake it on some level by playing with teh camera alignments both in Shatter and the PS 3D layer, but proper fracture simulation is way beyond what this can provide.



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                raghupilot Level 1

                You mean to say, bringing a "3D model" into after effects? It is very much possible. As u already found out the solution by reply messages of other members in this forum, i wudnot like to deal with that issue..


                But, however there is another cool way to use 3D objects into after effects... that is turning the static images into 3D and using them as if they were in real 3D space.




                Here below is an example, I hope this will help you out.

                1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUk7aT0kMas

                2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c6vM-Ys8Mw

                3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWIxnyiBHdA


                In one of the above video links, under information, procedure for the effect has been mentioned. Here below is a sample of how a  realistic 3D eyeball looks when animated in after effects by placing a static image in the front of 3D eyeball.