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    Imports problems

      i want to use the package flash and the class HTMLControl, i have written this code:

      import flash.*;

      and i got the following error: Error 1172 " Definition flash could not be found", and HTMLControl is not available...

      i don't see what i forgot to do, is there a special properties to set in the tag <mx:Application ... > ?

      Bests regards

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          I believe that the HTMLControl is in the "flash.html" package... try this:

          import flash.html.*;
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            Import a package that contains classes, such as
            import flash.html.*

            and you should get it.
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              H_oo_T Level 1
              ok but the problem is that when i import a flash package the following list is only available: debbugger, errors, events, external, filters, geom, media, net, printing, profiler, sample, system, text, ui, utils, xml.
              But there are no filesystem, html, net, etc ...

              Is my flash package is no up to date ?

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                Does the flex 3 HTMLControl work without AIR? We are using an iframe hack for flex 2 right now to do URL integration with non-flex based applications. The problem with this (is a big one) is that it requires wmode=opaque for non-ie browsers which screen readers then are incompatible with.

                I am really hoping flex 3 offers HTMLControl so we can load remote complex html pages using the standard flash player.

                Any ideas?