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    Help - links work in stand alone movie but not when in html...


      Hi Guys,


      I have a huge problem. I have a menu in Flash MX (AS2), it's pretty straightforward: It's a list of links but each time you mouseover one several related ones highlight (the client really wanted this). The code on each button is:


      on(rollOver) {


      on(release) {


      on(rollOut) {


      This works fine in IE8, it works fine in the preview in flash, but in FF/Chrome the rollovers work but the link is not clickable. Nothing happens on click. I thought this was perhaps a plug in issue, but when I loaded the movie in FF but not embeded into html it worked fine, it's only when it's embedded into html that the links won't click.


      The movie is here and the movie in a plain html page is here.




      There is no code that can be messing with it, because it's the only thing in the html.


      Does anyone know why this problem could be occuring, please?