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    issue with adobe reader with firefox.


      i ahve adobe reader most current verison.


      but it does not work.


      it will not uninstall.

      i have been referred to ms unistall tool.but it was recently discontinued.


      so..i have reader but get these messages.


      1) the adobe acrobat/reader that is running can not be used to read files in a web browser.


      when i try to uninstall i get


      this patch package could not be opened verify that the pathc package  exists.


      well how do i do that and os what?


      i mean ...


      it doesnt work

      it wont uninstall, trying to update it  or reinstall it fails...


      so i am just in a bind..no help..no good ideas ( only ones that rely on stuff that no longer exists)


      any easy, direct staright forward suggetsions for a non techy who has had it?




      stewindos xp media 2005/ latest firefox.