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    Placing multiple images in a grid


      Hi guys


      I have a pretty simple request I need help with. First off I know a lot of programming and do a lot myself, but I've never touched Photoshop's ability, so bear with me.

      Basically what I need to do is place a large amount of roughly card-sized images in a document to maximize space so that I can print them out. I have many many more cards than will fit on a page so that has to be taken into account (nearly 200).


      If anyone could shoot me the probably very simple script to do this (including resizing) I'd be grateful. I can mess around with the actual numbers and get it to work but I wouldn't know where to start and I'd like to have it ready to print out in about 2 hours (it's a drinking game and I'd be heading out about then!)


      Thanks for any help guys.