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    FLV playlist between two FLVPlaybacks

    leoserra Level 2
      Hi everyone,

      I'm trying to make a project that must use a playlist in XML and then display the movies in two different FLVPlayback, wich are inside separate movieclips. One (I'll call it "tipo1"), must display videos fullscreen, the other (I'll call it "tipo0"), must display the video in a smaller portion of the screen.

      The XML and the sequence of the movies is well done, and no problem there. The movies have: file name, description and "tipo" (type in portuguese). This last one must be 0 or 1, that I use to switch between fullscreen or not.

      To detect the end of a movie, to go to the next playlist entry, I use a listener for the FLVplayback.complete method. But here's the problem... it seems that once inside a listener I can't get out of it, since that by making some code traces, I see that it always inside the same listener, corresponding to the first movie that is read. I'll put my code here, and if you want to see the project it is at http://www.ipvctv.com.

      Another question... does anyone know of any problem for coding FLV files that might prevent the listeners from seeing the end of them?

      Thanks for any support you might give. I'm staring for the code for hours without finding a solution, or understanding why these results.

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          leoserra Level 2
          Hi everyone...

          I tried to put what's inside the "onClipEvent" in the first frame of the timeline, and it worked... this makes that it doesn't enter the listener at the frame rate giving you 25 results in a row.

          By the way everytime a movie is played the flvPlayback shrinks, anyone knows why?