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    Install Adobe Reader 9.3.3 does (almost) nothing


      Upgrading from an older version of Reader (8.1 I think) to 9.3.3 on WinXP SP3.  Downloaded the full installer (AdbeRdr933_en_US.exe) successfully.  Double-click it.  A window pops up saying "Processing Adobe Reader 9.3.3 Update".  The progress bar gets to 100%, the window disappears, then ... nothing.  No dialogs, no error messages.  Absolutely nothing happens after that.  I have:


      • Rebooted 3 or four times
      • Uninstalled the previous version of Adobe Reader.
      • Disabled my antivirus (Avast)
      • Booted Windows into VGA mode
      • Run the MS Installer Cleanup tool, but there aren't any "Adobe..." programs in the list, so ... nothing to do there.


      None of these has had any effect.  Suggestions?

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          pfloyd70 Level 1

          Found a workaround.  Ran the installer with the -nos_ne switch (i.e."AdbeRdr933_en_US.exe -nos_ne"), then ran

          %USER_PROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Reader 9.3\Setup Files\Reader9\setup.exe .  Everything seemed to install just fine.


          I did happen to notice that when I tried running the setup.exe in the "Setup Files" directory (one level above), nothing happened.  I suspect this is the program the installer runs after extracting all the files.  Of course the real question is WHY nothing happens, but I guess that's another question for another day.


          Also probably worth mentioning -- I'm not sure if the -nos_ne switch is actially required. I believe the point of this switch is to get the installer extractor NOT to delete the setup files after the installation is complete, but I suspect if the installation doesn't happen they probably aren't getting deleted anyway.