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    Help with Datagroup layout , resize items


      Hey everyone. I currently have a spark data group using a TiledLayout with a custom itemRenderer. The normal to hovered transition for the items in the datagroup is a scale effect , more specifically when you rollover an item , the item scales up by 10%. Everything works fine except that mechanisms in the tiledlayout causes a shifting effect between the focused item and the others. Everything in the datagroup tries to re-layout when the focused items scales up , and inversely shifts back when focus is lost. I dont want to have anything move at all , rather stay static , and ideally what i need to happen is have the focused item scale up and actually swap depths with the adjacent items so it sits at the top of display list in this case. It basically needs to overlap the adjacent items. Can anyone recommend a custom layout example , or some similiar references ? I have a feeling this is going to require a cusomt layout class , which i have no problem writing , but i suspect this is a fairly common design for image lists / grids.

      Thanks !