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    Curious alpha channel issue in the Titler

    Matt Petersen Level 3

      A news org has sent me a TGA-format lower-third graphic for us to insert in some student-produced stories.


      To make it a bit quicker for the students, I thought I'd pre-make the titles so they can just drag them into the timeline.


      When I drag the TGA graphic straight to the timeline from the Files Project pane, it looks and behaves exactly as expected.


      HOWEVER when I open the graphic in the Titler (by right-clicking the title area, and choosing "Logo"), something strange happens: any parts of the graphic that have SOME element of transparency (i.e. partly transparent), become FULLY transparent. This causes large parts of the graphic to simply disappear.


      Anyone have any idea what is causing this, and how I might fix it? I've tried converting the TGA to a PSD and a PNG, with similar results.




      Matthew P