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    Best output format for great quality DVD

    isaacjv Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I have a problem.


      I edit my footage with Premier pro CS5 and burn with Encore CS5. My dvd's are to be played in European dvd players.


      My final videos after burning to disc are not that great in my opinion. The video is also not filling my computer screen. I know I have to adjust something...not sure what?


      I would like to know what the best output format is?


      Because right now, the edges look a little rough and the audio is a little 'out of synch' with the guy speaking.


      There are a few other things aswell...overall I'm not happy with it.


      Could somebody please enlighten me as to the BEST settings to use...so in other words, how can I get a great looking and sounding dvd?


      Many thanks