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    Extract background missingin new PS CS5


      I recently upgraded my very old Photoshop to the new CS5, but my extract capability is missing.


      I have looked in Filter, Layer, Image, and can't find it anywhere.


      When I go to the help section, there is a link to download a plugin, which I have done, but now what???  It is still not there.

      That is one of the main reasons that I upgraded, so that I could use the new extract function.


      Anyone know what to do?

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          http://layersmagazine.com/photoshop-cs5-review.html  Hey mate, here's an extract from the above link. It should help you out.  Edge Detection: The Extract filter was left out of CS4, although it was available as a separate install. (Rumor has it that the new Edge Detection feature wasn’t ready for CS4 and was pushed back to CS5.) While the Extract filter got a lot of bad press, it was really due to misuse. Luckily, Photoshop CS5 does a better job than the filter. Selection of complex edges, such as curly hair, has always been a problem. The Edge Detection setting is now part of the Refine Edge and Refine Mask dialogs. The feature is fairly easy to use: make a selection or a layer mask, open the Refine Edge dialog (Select>Refine Edge), and use the Refine Radius tool (E) to brush over the desired area. (There’s an Erase Refinements tool [just press Shift-E] in case you don’t like the results and want to try again.) In addition, there’s a Smart Radius checkbox with a Radius adjustment slider to make selections even easier. This tool makes short work of some tough selections, but it’s not for every image. I found it worked great on some images, but not others. You still might want to bone up on using the image calculations for advanced selections.

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            baobabinc Level 1

            Thanks for the speedy reply.

            However, I am now looking extremely blond and feeling really stupid.

            Let's backtrack.  In old PS you clicked on extract, it brought up the screen where you chose the brush, outlined, highlighted what you wanted to keep, hit ok and you had your extracted image on a transparent background.  Cool.  Worked well enough at the time.


            I outlined the image now in PS CS5, clicked on the refine edge, it brought up a dialog box which gave you the option to increase the brush size, etc.  However, when you then go to brush over the image, there is no color showing you what you have done, no screen shows, and nowhere to finish the job.


            What am I missing here?

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              Talon3x8 Level 1

              Thats alright!


              I always find when I am learning something new that I sometimes need to see it in action. I went through and watched a whole lot of videos on the new CS5 when I first got it. Check out the video below by Adobe Evangelist Terry White, it's going to rock your world!


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                baobabinc Level 1

                Thanks very much.  You are absolutely right.  It totally jogged my memory that I had seen this video in Adobe itself and should have gone there myself.

                Hope this helps someone else.

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                  Talon3x8 Level 1

                  No worries at all.  PS. Can you mark my reply's as either The Answer or as Helpful if you found them so?