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    Missing Flex support


      While deciding on RIA technologies corporate wide, couple of major drawbacks which are indicated over and over is the missing support in Flex for 'HTML content inside a Flex application' (Adobe adressed this in AIR and to an extent we can use the iFrame type solution, but is not foolprood) and the 'Right Click ' feature functionality.
      Infact, at times these two features are very much the reason to go for a hybrid solution than a full fledged monolithic flex application. I was curious to know, how far Adobe is working on addressing these prime issues. Any insight?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          I am confident that there will NEVER be full html support in the Flash Player. It would make it too large. Well, "never" is pretty extreme, lets say "forseeable future". There has been no indication form Adobe that this is a seious consideration.

          AIR is going to be the solution to this issue.

          I don't recall hearing anything about the context menu.

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            kpk9 Level 1
            Well, if file size is an issue, why not leave that decision to the end user who is will to accommodate/compromise for the purpose of having functionality!.
            It is interesting to see that there is no mainstream reasoning around, inspite of seeing this topic hanging in the air forever.