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    Adobe Photoshop CS5 Language Pack en_GB


      Good evening, im having some

      troubles with my photoshop, well..

      I live in Brazil, so, my Brother Installed the Photoshop CS5 in Portuguese, and he doesn't even use the photoshop.

      And now im having some trouble, because my brother is on other city..

      Im having some trouble to use photoshop on Portuguese, cuz i started on the english version, wich is much better..


      If someone can Upload the   C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Locales File on en_GB will help me a lot


      Thank You for your att.

      I will be greatfull for the help!


      Thank You Once More for Giving some time for my problem.




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          John Joslin Level 6

          As far as I know you are out of luck.

          We have been told that the installation disk will only install in the original language and cannot be changed.

          If you find out otherwise it would be good to know.

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            Antonow72 Level 1

            ok... well as you may know, there is a few of users, that i know, that changed the laguages of the photoshop, located on locales on the folder of photoshop cs5, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Locales   here is another folder named pt_BR (Menaing Portuguese_Brazil)  and they simply downloaded the translation. In my case i want to change for en_GB  i just wanna know, if there is only on PS CS5 That i can't change this folder.

            I wanna know, if somebody using Photoshop cs5 could Upload the folder for me.

            Maybe it will work.. maybe not.. This is my question.

            so.. if the answer is yes, can you help me out?

            Can you upload the folder?

            Thank You Again

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              Samuel_Lee Level 1

              To: Antonow72


              Hi, I guess you are out of luck when you need to have the EN_GB language pack unless you want a CS4 one. (I have)


              BTW: I am doing language packs for CS4 and CS5. I have the EN_GB for both CS4 and CS5, however, unfortunately, that if you have installed pt_BR of Photoshop CS5, and you install a en_GB language pack directly, it will show things like:



              "Additional unlicensed language packs found in the application folder. Please restart the application." error message, and when you restart it, it will revert to pt_BR.


              Just a side note: Interestingly, if you have removed your original language pack (TS case is pt_BR), even if I install Spanish, Korean and English language packs, I can simply switch any of them freely without problems.


              In summary: TS will have to manually delete the locales\pt_BR before installing en_GB language pack in order to have his English pack work.



              As I am still working on CS5 language packs, I wont be releasing them anytime soon (Still have Photoshop, Illustrator, Contribute, Dreamweaver & Fireworks) . Please email me @ [email address deleted by host] for me to hear your request (And I will host my language packs on my blog site.)


              Flash, InDesign (Inclusive of Arabic, Hebrew and Greek) and Device Central CS5 language packs are currently ready, except yet to upload them.

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                Dude its simple it took me a while but i got it go to the american adobe website then download a trial version of of Adobe Photoshop CS5 (or whatever it is in someone else's case) then install it when installing it should have your information otherwise enter it again and when you choose the language you should have a choice of english


                email me at [email address deleted by host] if this helped

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                  Samuel_Lee Level 1

                  No, you cant. Actually it works for trial users by just installing it on top of existing installation directory. (And I could have Asian languages and Western European languages at the same time), but if you actually buy it, then you are out of luck because the serial ties to the languages installed somehow, if I am not wrong, because the installer interface shows enter serial or install trial, where one can select the languages to install.


                  And who would re-download the entire few hundred to several GBs of data / installer just to install one of the language that was not installed previous? (Try Adobe Illustrator and you know what I meant)


                  Oh well the language packs are now ready, you may download at my page:


                  [url deleted by host]

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                    Actually it does work. You have to download the trial as stated above, then in the application folder, replace the language folder with the trial folder. I replaced pt_BR with en_US. Worked like a charm.

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                      Samuel_Lee Level 1

                      That is kind of putting English language file onto the supposedly Portugese (Or other languages) folder. Of course, one of the undesire effect is the updater comes in the wrong language.

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                        hi all,


                        first off, thanks for providing these language packs... I really appreciate the effort..


                        however, when I try switching the language I get the following error message...




                        indesign error msg.JPG



                        any ideas how to fix this?


                        thanks a lot

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                          I found with Photoshop CS5, if I simply put the whole "locales" folder into the app folder, it will ask if you want to replace the existing one, when I said yes and then rebooted Photoshop, the new language was there.  This is on a  Mac.  Replacing just the language plugin, it kept refusing saying an unlicensed language was there and I need to restart, and when doing so the original language was back.  Replace the whole locales folder!

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                            Samuel_Lee Level 1

                            Guys, let me share my experience for language pack issues in Photoshop.


                            You have two choices:


                            Both requires you to go internet and find the specific language pack, or alternatively, download trial from adobe and extract that yourself


                            After that,


                            A) Replace the content of the language pack. This is like assuming I got German language pack due to German (de_DE) working environment, but I prefer to use English (Either en_US or en_GB), then I just use my downloaded en_GB to replace the content in de_DE's locale folder. Voila! Task accomplished EXCEPT various internal programs like update message remain as German.


                            B) Total localization, and you get to keep two languages or more. You just add in a new folder call en_GB on the locale folder, but PS CS5 will refuse it by saying unauthorized language pack and it will revert to allowed language packs. It does NOT happen on CS4 or earlier and my conclusion is that to circumvent this issue, you need to modify the PCD.db (On Windows X64's default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD. X86 user just remove the bracket x86. For Mac, I am not sure.). The PCD.DB is a database file using SQLite. The exact details, it does not sound nice to open secret here. You may want to contact me for details.

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                              xulsolar Level 1

                              If you want to have the default language, close photoshop, go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Locales\<Language>\Support Files (understanding that <Language> is your default language) and change the extension of the .dat file to something like .bak. For example if you .dat file is tw1408.dat change it to tw1408.bak. Open photoshop and that is it. This work for CS4 and CS5.

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                                I managed to sort out this little problem of the language package, If you need the English pack email me danielwojdyga@yahoo.co.uk and i will send you the file needed, All you have to do is paste into the locales folder and delete the old one.

                                If any one else needs drop me a email

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                                  PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                  I don't think that changing the language is currently allowed by Photoshop's licence.

                                  But I can understand the frustration of users, because with Bridge or Lightroom, one can change the language freely. With After Effects, one can have a localized version, and switch to English in the preferences to follow the countless tutorials in English, or use English-based expressions.


                                  I made a suggestion to allow more flexible language switching in Photoshop: http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/photoshop_allow_change_users_to_chan ge_the_ui_language I strongly encourage any user wanting to change the language to go vote there.